On this page you will find links in which you can make enquiries to various departments of our practice.

Please note this is a new service and we are keen to see if it helps our patients, but we cannot guarantee who will answer your query.

Click here to contact reception

Click here to contact script duty

Click here to contact a secretary

Click here to contact a GP.

See below for a brief explanation of the sort of enquiries we can respond to:

Action for reception

How can reception help?

  • Request a call back.
  • For enquires about recent test.

Script duty

How can script duty help?

  • Queries about dose, counteractions with medications, minor reactions and general guidance


How can the secretaries help?

  • You can message the secretaries about an active referral. Unfortunately we are unable to process requests for new referrals

Ask your doctor a question

How can the doctors help?

  • You can use this form to ask the GP a question who will aim to respond to all questions within 2¬†weeks.
  • You might have a query about a prescription that is not urgent.
  • You might have a general question about your health that is not urgent and could be answered easily by email.
  • You might have a question about a test result.

Note: we cannot guarantee which GP will answer